Mid-March Momentum: 10 Ways to Honor Women's Appreciation Month

It's not too late to celebrate!

The month of March is special.  It's partly special because its the month that we see winter go out and spring come in, flowers peeking out,  and our daylight time gets longer.

We've just reached the midpoint of Women's Appreciation Month. Maybe life was lifin' and you forgot to acknowledge its existence.  I want you to know and remember that it's never too late to start recognizing and celebrating the immense contributions and achievements of women throughout history and in contemporary times. This month serves not only as a period of honor and reflection but also as a call to action to continue the journey toward gender equality. While we've made significant strides, there's still much work to be done. So I'm writing  in hopes to reignite our collective commitment to celebrating women's achievements and addressing the challenges they face, offering practical ways to get involved in the latter half of the month.

Why should we recognize Women's History Month?  As women, we find ourselves in position the position to reflect on past accomplishments and evaluate what still needs to be done.  Giving mass attention to this month stresses and brings more light to the roles women played in shaping our society, breaking barriers, and the obstacles that women faced.  This month also offers time and space to educate, celebrate and give opportunities to take action, giving way to our future female historians.

By us acknowledging and celebrating this month, we ensure that the conversation continues that will lead us to higher and more achievements, gain strength, and visibilty.

Here are 10 Ways to Recognize, Celebrate, and finish out

Women's History Month

  1. Share Stories of Inspirational Women: Highlight women who have influenced you personally or have made significant contributions to society.

  2. Spotlight and Support Women-Owned Businesses: Make a conscious effort to purchase from and promote businesses owned by women. A business like Zariah's Creations!!! 

  3. Donate to Women's Charities: Financially support organizations that work towards women's health, education, and rights.

  4. Educate Yourself and Others: Use this time to learn about women's history, struggles, and accomplishments. Share this knowledge with your community.

  5. Amplify Women's Voices: Share and engage with content created by women, especially on platforms where their voices can reach a wider audience.

  6. Volunteer: Offer your time to organizations that support women, whether through mentorship programs, community services, or educational initiatives.

  7. Host an Event: Organize a webinar or panel discussion focusing on topics relevant to women's issues and achievements.

  8. Challenge Gender Stereotypes: Use your platform to discuss and dismantle stereotypes that hinder gender equality.

  9. Encourage Inclusive Practices: Advocate for policies and practices in your workplace and community that support gender diversity and equality.

  10. Create a Tribute: Use art, writing, or another form of creative expression to honor the women who inspire you.

So we pass the halfway mark of Women's Appreciation Month, the opportunities to celebrate, acknowledge, and take action in support of women are plentiful. This month is a powerful reminder of the ongoing journey and the role each of us plays in it. Let's use the remaining days to intensify our efforts, spread awareness, and show our appreciation for the remarkable women not only in our lives but those apart of our history. By doing so, we not only honor the past and present but also pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive future. Remember, every action, no matter how small, contributes to the larger cause of recognizing and empowering women worldwide.





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